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Aylsham Canoe Hire

The Upper Bure
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The beautiful River Bure meanders through the Norfolk countryside from Aylsham twisting & turning. Fish dart here and there in the gin clear waters trying to avoid the Kingfisher, poised to dive at any moment.

This beautiful tranquil stretch of river is ideal for those who wish to "escape from the madding crowd" no other people, no motor boats just your canoe silently gliding along the tiny tributaries of the Bure.

Aylsham to Coltishall will take 4-5 hours of gentle paddling and includes 3 portages*

Aylsham to Wroxham Not for the faint hearted this one!! See the best of the Bure in one (long) day trip. Approx. 8 hrs of paddling 4 portages (one of which is 275yds long) We would recommend that this is more of a challenge than a leisurely pleasure paddle

Both trips are "one way" and with the current, making it truly relaxing and easy paddling. No previous canoeing experience is required.

* A portage is where you need to drag your canoe out of the river slide / carry it a short distance then drop it back into the river - climb back in and continue your adventure. Most canoes weigh between 35 - 45 kg and are easily draggable by two adults. If you have any concerns regarding this please call us before booking.


Pick up from either Wroxham or Cotlishall (depending on trip route) in our minibus where we will then drive you up to Aylsham, talking through our paddling route with you on the way. We will then arrive at Aylsham where we will get you kitted up and launched so you can paddle yourselves back downstream to where you started.
Our Coltishall route takes approximately 5 hours of paddling, and our Wroxham route 8 hours of paddling. Your car will then be waiting for you at the finish point.

Please note Aylsham Canoe Hire is available on Thursdays & Saturdays throughout the season. It will also be available on Tuesdays throughout July and August

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